Measures taken at this hotel to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

To guarantee you a stay in total tranquility, to protect all our collaborators and we ourselves have adopted the following safety standards, we ask you for patience and of course mutual help for the good purpose.


General measures

  • All our employees are subjected to body temperature checks before the start of the work shift.
  • Before opening to all staff, the test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus was performed.
  • We ask our guests not to start their journey if still in a state of quarantine in progress on the day of departure, to arrive with disposable surgical masks or alternatively with masks in washable fabric at high temperatures to be used in our common areas and bring your own hand sanitizing gel as well as disposable handkerchiefs that can also be used outside the facility, however, everything must already be tested and officially certified.
  • Upon arrival, body temperature is measured by means of a thermal imaging camera which will automatically prohibit entry into the facility with a body temperature above 37.5 ° C.
  • We also ask each guest to sign a self-declaration upon arrival, which certifies the absence of symptoms resulting from respiratory infection and that they do not have a body temperature higher than 37.5 ° C.
  • Automatic dispensers for the distribution of hand disinfectant liquid tested and certified by authorized bodies have been installed in various points of the structure for guests and staff.
  • All our collaborators have been adequately trained to carry out a correct sanitation of the common areas and rooms.
  • In carrying out their duties, all collaborators are equipped with personal protective equipment (disposable masks, disposable gloves where required and for the reception staff also a protective plexiglass screen).
  • At the reception and within the common areas there is an obligation to respect the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1 meter. We have facilitated the distance criterion to be respected by installing special delimiters or signs written on the floor in some spaces.
  • We ask each guest to wear respiratory protection in all common areas of the hotel and in all cases where it is not possible to respect the distance of 1 meter dictated by the spacing rules.
  • Guests not belonging to the same family unit and collaborators are asked to avoid any kind of physical contact (handshakes, kisses and hugs).
  • Guests are asked not to create gatherings within the common areas and to reduce the time spent inside the reception area.
  • Everything provided for use by the hotel is sanitized before and after each use.
  • At the end of each work shift, the hotel staff sanitizes the workstation and equipment. In addition, the change of uniforms is carried out daily in order to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • Access to the lift is allowed at the same time only to guests staying in the same room or cohabiting.
  • Within the structure we are in constant contact with trade associations and official institutions, so that all the procedures and rules designed to protect the safety of guests and staff are guaranteed immediately.
  • To avoid queues at the reception, we have adopted the following check-in system: – we require our guests, before arrival, to send all the information necessary for registration, together with a copy of the document identity that will be shown upon arrival; – we have automated payment systems and use sanitized keys ready for delivery to the customer; – we have main information systems hung well exposed, in such a way as to minimize the opportunities for contact with the reception.
  • Upon check-in, guests are provided with a directory with key information


Cleaning of rooms and common areas 

  • The daily sanitation of common areas is carried out by our highly qualified and trained staff, we use both portable instruments with UV LED radiation and liquid sanitizing products, all certified by the competent authorities. 
  • The sanitization of the rooms is carried out by a specialized company prepared for this task 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing are processes that we carry out separately to ensure the maximum
  • The cleaning staff are equipped with personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and certified masks).
  • The cleaning trolley is kept in spaces that are not accessible to guests and collaborators outside the warehouse area
  • All rooms are ventilated at the entrance of the cleaning staff.
  • Should the guest find cleaning staff inside their room, they will have to wait for the cleaning or sanitizing process to be completed before being able to access it.
  • The guest has the right to request that the room is not cleaned and sanitized during the duration of the stay.
  • All surfaces are treated with appropriate sanitizing solutions. Particular attention is paid to the critical points, such as handles, grab bars, handrails and push-button panels of all kinds.
  • The area manager guarantees that the cleaning and sanitizing processes of the rooms and common areas are carried out accurately and professionally.
  • The rooms are sanitized through the use of tested and registered sanitizers, at the departure of each guest in full compliance with the procedures required to protect the health of all our customers.

    Administration of food and drinks 

    • The dining room and kitchen staff received internal training on the safety standards to be respected, in order to guarantee a service based on maximum safety.
    • The tables in the dining room are spaced at least 1 meter from each other, so that there is no contact between guests in the different rooms
    • The tablecloths are replaced at each change of guests and the table is sanitized after each service.
    • At breakfast, lunch and dinner, the “served buffet” service is guaranteed by facilitating the distance criterion to be respected by installing special delimiters on the floor, when necessary it will be specified verbally by our staff present on site.


      Symptomatic case

      Should a guest already inside the facility experience symptoms attributable to Covid-19 infection (fever, breathing difficulties), he is required to promptly notify the hotel management staff, who will inform the competent health authorities. To reduce the risk of infection, the suspect person will be asked to wait for the arrival of the health authorities inside their room or in an isolated environment.

      A “protective kit” is available at the reception for both the suspect and the person providing assistance to be used in case of symptoms from Covid-19. The above kit consists of: – disposable masks with FFP2 filter; – face protection shield; – disposable gloves; – disposable protective apron; – full-body long-sleeved jumpsuit; – disinfectant and / or germicidal wipes for cleaning surfaces; – disposable bag for waste at risk of infection. This document may undergo further changes and / or implementations in relation to the evolution of the state of emergency and any decrees and ordinances issued at national and provincial level.

        The present may be subject to variations if new provisions are introduced by the competent Authorities.